View Full Version : The game frrezes when starting a race Xbox doesn't crash

27-05-2015, 16:14
When I turn on my Xbox One and go to play the game I load the game , it doesn't matter if its career or quick race the game goes to the load screen and doesn't progress it freezes. The only way to fix it that I have found is to shutdown the Xbox One and unplug the power then plug the power back in and restart the game, or exit the game and go to the home screen and start a game that I downloaded then exit that game and go to project cars.anyone else having the same problem

27-05-2015, 23:07
I have a "similar" problem. When you ask to start a race there should be a sound like a car screaming past you. If you don't here this sound then it's time to reboot.

Just one of many problems with the game on XBox One.