View Full Version : blown engine and temperatures..??? (actual play and replays, sound)

27-05-2015, 20:00
hi all, not sure if known issue (couldn't find anything) but when you blow the engine (for example front damage/ accident or setup radiator and etc), anyways, in actual game play it was about 140Celsius or higher when it below (tested on Aston Martin GT3, Z4 GT and Audi R8 GT3), then i viewed the same in replay, and in Aston GT3 was 131C, Z4 GT3 135C and Audi R8 GT3 at 123C...???? huh??? (at time of engine blowing...???) how is that possible?
also, when you cycle through all the views in actual real time play, after engine is blown, in all 3x cars, in exterior view of the vehicle you can hear a screeching engine, but rest of the views cycled is silence. can anyone test and confirm?
or is this random?