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27-05-2015, 20:30
I have now tried the 24 hrs twice with the same problem(s).

First is the fact that the LMP2 car does not have any lights. If I use the on/off lights I can see the dashboard light up but the head lights do not go on. This make for racing that without the racing line would be impossible.

Second (and this only happened once) is that I mistakenly clicked save replay after the race. It went off and was (or so I thought) saving the replay. After about 5 minutes (please add a cancel) it came back with a (Can't save) dialog. I selected no to attempt again. I could then go to the calendar but every 10 seconds the dialog comes back and back and back. There is no way to turn this off so my game is now stuck with this dialog coming up all the time which destroys the game pretty much since having to answer the never go away dialog screws up any chance of racing.

Please fix if you can in the next release.

27-05-2015, 20:39
Add on to above :

Next I raced with the dialog showing , attempted to save the replay of the race after Le Mans but another dialog (with pretty much the same wording) came up and I cannot save replays, keep getting the dialog.

Help please, the game is pretty much broken.

27-05-2015, 20:44
Ok so I go to another game and then back. ALL MY PROGRESS IS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes that was yelling. I really don't know what to say without offending the developer. But this is really poor.

I can't even do the start over since it still want to save some data.

Any suggestions?

27-05-2015, 20:47
I have resorted to an uninstall/ install. Since this takes a long time I guess I will see if this fixes the problem.

Not very good!!!

27-05-2015, 20:52
Just as an aside, check to see the size of your game save data in the Game Hub. If it is close to around 512mb then that is your problem. You will have to delete a bunch of replays. In my view, SMS needs to make changes here to ensure replays are NOT saved to the cloud.

27-05-2015, 20:53
be careful with Lemans,there are some pitlane bugs that can mess up/end your race

27-05-2015, 20:58
After the uninstall / install it still has the problem. I cannot now even start a career. This game is just a complete dud. I have had so many problems with it. Now since it does not want to start I guess that is perhaps for the best.

The Xbox version of this game was not ready for publication. I guess I will have to wait for the update and see if that works.