View Full Version : Where Can I Find T300RS Center Logo Decals/Badges?

27-05-2015, 21:42
I love my Thrustmaster T300 RS, but I would like something better than the PlayStation logo in the middle.
Something like a BMW, Ferrari, Lotus , or a custom logo in a 1.8-inch(3 cm) vinyl decal or sticker.
Also does anyone know where I can get one, as well as a different colour top-of-the-wheel stripe?

Thanks. :)

Mark Quigley
27-05-2015, 21:54
I was looking at these maybe?

There was a member here that done a custom badge for their t300, I'll see if I can find it.

Why can I not find the chap, maybe the post is on the wmd forums.........and it is.

I hope G27nz does not mind as I thought it looked very professional.

I finally added the new badge to the centre of the wheel. I re-created the TM logo, tried a few colour combinations, settled on the red / black combo then Digital Printed and contour cut the badge on silver metallic adhesive vinyl and got it coated in UV cured Resin to give it that bubble badge look...photos attached


28-05-2015, 21:02
Nice! How do they look on the wheel, do they simply stick onto the existing badge, and can you make a custom set: Ferrari, BMW, My avatar, lol(Willing to pay)?

Mark Quigley
28-05-2015, 22:30
Not me what did it, the chaps who did it's name is G27nz on the wmd forums.
I'm far far to lazy to go to these lengths for aesthetics :D
I'm sure there must be someone in the uk that does custom automotive badges with a shiny dome thingy.

Just the very ticket