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27-05-2015, 23:27
Using a wheel is great! I'm sure a lot of you have a wheel, and a lot more are seriously considering the investment into a wheel.

As it stands, the wheels on the Xbox One are amazing, except for one problem...

The problem is the wheels have many buttons, the F1 rim for the TX has many many many buttons... yet MS only allows 6 buttons through their wheel protocols. A,B,X,Y,RB,LB (also there is obviously steering, 3 pedal, (I believe 1 axis for Acc/Brk and one axis for clutch) and 7+1 shifter and a D-pad)

So looking at the F1 rim, there are an extra 20-odd buttons that are completely useless, on the stock rim I think there are about 5 and so on. basically these buttons just duplicate another button on the wheel somewhere. There is also an "A"
button on the base itself.

I understand that MS alone can't fix the issue, It will most certainly require some new firmware for the wheels themselves and each game that is compatible with the wheels will require a small update. But clearly the first step lies with MS to update their wheel input protocols to accept extra inputs. Whether they just use the rest of the alphabet or name them after famous racing drivers, I don't really care.

I imagine 90% of you guys will also be purchasing F1 2015 as well. Also 90% of you will be thinking about getting a wheel at some point when funds/space/partner allows it..

So please take a moment to visit http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251650-console-accessories/suggestions/7882929-allow-wheels-to-have-more-buttons log in with your Xbox credentials and vote to have this added in a future update. Make sure to leave a constructive comment too.

If you're unawares, the site there is run by MS to help them prioritise features for updates, it's not a petition site or some ad-laden fanboy thing.

So far it's risen to become the 2nd hottest idea, finally overcoming the "gimme free stuff because I bought an XB1 on day one" BS ideas.. So hopefully we can get this addressed within the next few months.

Anyway guys.. Thanks for listening/reading.. See you on the asphalt!

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Cool. We're now the hottest topic in category! Hopefully that'll make us a No.1 priority!

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