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27-05-2015, 23:53

just wondering if someone knows how to get stats i mean result from a dedicated server like practice qualify race,
to create an online leaderbord.

thank you

example : http://www.malzbierbude.de/component/option,com_pcreporter/Itemid,51/lang,en/?option=com_pcreporter&Itemid=51&class=*&vehicle=*&limit=500

Soeren Kolodziej
30-05-2015, 01:16
hi jean

take a look here http://cars-rest-api.com/


30-05-2015, 20:27
Hi Soeren,

Thank you for your answer,i have been checking the link and its kind of broken but i managed to get some info.
unfortunatly i can t fin the CREST-1.0.1.zip.

just find some jar files and nut sure of what to do and how to open.
any idea??

once again thank you

Soeren Kolodziej
30-05-2015, 21:19
i pm´ed u :)

Robert Gerke
30-05-2015, 21:21
hi sören,

i am to please :-)

31-05-2015, 14:08
Real thanx Soeren,

i saw ur mp.managed to download everything but we get stuck with how to comunicate data to our website.kind of new in this but really apreciate your help :)