View Full Version : Scumbag hosts changing track/cars 7 seconds before loading race

28-05-2015, 02:16
Several times tonight I've experienced this. 1st time, I joined a historic f1 lobby on a proper race track and it filled up. Many people had thumbs up and were ready to go. The countdown got to 11 seconds left and the host quickly changed the track the 'azure coast' and the car to (ugh) mitsubishi evo. Bumper car fun. :dejection: The track and car were changed so quickly at the end it was obviously planned. The title 'historic racing' in the lobby was more eyecatching than the 70% of the lobbies which said GT3 or road.

Another time was at the last moment turning another full historic racing lobby seconds from commencing the race into a mclaren gt3 only race. Pfft.. As if there arent enough gt3 races and he had to bait and switch another one into being. This is really infuriating! The lobby regulations should be locked at 25 seconds, not 5.

Another thing..why do people race and ram in qualifying? Bizarre...

28-05-2015, 02:30
Well the thing is that they could have ran a race in that car on said track before you got there, some do a race and change tracks and cars after its done (some people dont like doing the same thing over and over) . And people can vote to start up a race while the host is in the middle of changing settings which will force the count down if the majority thimb up regardless if the host is done or not which seems like he changed it at the last second, people can even force the game to start before the host has conpleted the lobby settings.

So he might not been a scumbag host.

28-05-2015, 03:34
How about instead of calling people scumbags here for running their lobbies the way they want to, why don't you just start your own? Or just ask the hosts not to do that when you're directly chatting with them? Public ridicule shouldn't be the first choice, I guess is what I'm saying.

28-05-2015, 04:39
What I really hate are those scumbag hosts that spend $30 a month on a 3 core dedicated VPS server on a fast internet connection just to help the community. What is wrong with those idiots? My wife wants to know...:p