View Full Version : My Fanatec CSR wheel can not play on ps4 Project cars

28-05-2015, 08:06
Last night, I updated ps4 and Project cars to latest version, The Fanatec CSR firmware updated to 756 version.
I can use all the functions of the wheel and the pedals, but the car not run, I can see the throttle level and hear the engine sound and gear on 1,2,3... position,
but the speed is 0, the car not run ,all the races are same, the car stop on the track, whatever I did.

Please help me, what is the problem?

Thank you very much .

28-05-2015, 09:21
You need to map a button to the clutch, even if auto clutch is used.

28-05-2015, 15:01
Done, thank you very much. It is a very stupid design. How do you know that?