View Full Version : Online today now

28-05-2015, 13:22
Have not had much luck tRolling the online lobbies for competition. If your playing in the next few hours or so. I'm itching for some competition.

Drop a note here or something ifs you wanna race/practice.

28-05-2015, 13:25
Have you considered joining a club? We have 120+ members all walks of life and driving skills. We welcome pad and wheel users, we just ask for clean racing and have fun. We have forums, a website, chat room system for finding lobbies.

Average age 30-40 :)

Check us out if your interested.

28-05-2015, 13:36
I like the good old fashioned friends list.
Soccerlover2222 is my psn
If you add I'll see ya when I'm on and try to join. Probably not likely to commit to specific events or series. I would check out whatever's running each night and see if it's something I'm into practicing.