View Full Version : Recommend me a pvr device

Oi Oi JC
28-05-2015, 14:28
At the moment I am just using the record & share feature on PS4 to share my gaming but because it loses some of the quality I am considering buying a pvr device.

So far I have 2 choices recommended to me:



The Hauppauge records 1080p 30fps with 5.1surround sound

The Elgato HD60 records 1080p 60fps but only records stereo audio

Can anyone recommend a device that can capture 1080p 60fps with 5.1 or even 7.1 surround audio?

If no such device exists yet which of the two above is the better option?, I am drawn more to the Elgato for 60fps as I guess that's more important than surround sound?

28-05-2015, 15:05
I have the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition and while it does the job solidly I admit that it's not the sharpest thing on the block compared to others in terms of video recording quality. Here's a sample of what the record quality is like using this device.


With the PlayStation 3 the quality is slightly worse as it doesn't do a direct HDMI record (something to do with HDCP) so you have to use composite adapters but I think the issue is resolved with the PlayStation 4 but can't confirm as I don't have the console.

Personally I would look for capture devices that records 60 FPS natively rather than one that records Surround Sound (not everyone has a surround sound set up but most people do have monitors that have a 60Hz refresh rate when viewing your videos!). I hope someone with an Elgato HD60 can chime in on their experiences to help you with your decision.

28-05-2015, 15:40
I had an elgato for Xbox and that was pretty easy to use and setup. The quality was great too, I can't show you my videos though as youtube removed them for excessive tags :D.