View Full Version : Simulate remainder of session?

28-05-2015, 15:32
Hi all,

I've progressed into LMP1 Endurance Championship, I couldn't find anywhere where it stated how many laps each race was and it doesn't say it in the bottom left corner of the screen either! Anyway I'm kinda stuck, I've got 26 laps into a race with no idea when it will end, I've never simulated a race but can anyone tell me if I'm likely to finish last or if the simulation will keep me around my current position?

I'm currently 1st with a 1.5 minute lead but I need to get off the PS4 in a bit because, well, life happens :D

28-05-2015, 15:36
if you flick into the pause menu, top right, it shows you time left in session, as opposed to laps left, as endurance races seem to go off race length in time.

28-05-2015, 15:44
The AI that controls your car during the simulation seems to do a fairly good job. I think it has the same AI strength as whatever you set the AI to. It's possible for the AI to make mistakes, but it will generally do lap times similar to the rest of the AI.

28-05-2015, 15:48
Yeah instructions not included. Neither a race engineer, you do get a race director and a personal race manager. But no sexy babes on the start grid, probably get run over knowing us lot! My career won't let me off the rookie events and the release guy just stares at me 'til I go back in the garage!!:rolleyes: its true.....

28-05-2015, 15:48
Cheers guys that's really helpful, I never noticed the timer when you pause it and if I'm leading by a minute and a half hopefully I'd finish in the top 3.

28-05-2015, 15:50