View Full Version : Practice and qualifying

28-05-2015, 17:18
I have noticed that if I set a fast time and get pole in either session and then go to the pits and speed time up or end the session I drop to the mid field yet if I stay out on track even if I don't beat my pervious time then I stay where I am. Is this a bug or something?

Roger Prynne
28-05-2015, 17:23
Yep it's known and being worked on....Thanks.

28-05-2015, 18:30
The more you accelerate time, the faster their times become. This was also an issue in the Codemasters F1 games, but not nearly as pronounced as in PCARS. In the F1 games the AI times might at most get 0.5 seconds faster when time is being sped up 30x, but in PCARS it's closer to 3 seconds. The issue in the F1 games is that the engine could not process the physics properly when being accelerated that much. I would imagine that the problem is similar in PCARS.