View Full Version : Replay without opponents!BUG?

28-05-2015, 18:10
hey, sometimes after a multiplayer rece i watch the replay! now i recognized twice that sometimes a driver i missing in the replay, even, there was no prblem with the connection in the race ! missing in replay :p

24-07-2015, 19:26
Yes same problem here. I see some people explane this with "lag", but that's not the case. I actually got a nice compliment from a guy that I overtook on the outside. It was a tight fit! In the replay there was ....... NO CAR :( :( :(. I was hoping to watch this a few times, but ProjectCars just leaves some cars out in replay .. and that really really is a shame!

24-07-2015, 20:46
This has happened to me too twice in two days. I only save the replays when I've had a race which is nose to tail the whole way, and I've been lucky enough to get two of them in public lobbies - where we've passed and re-passed each other without any shoving or pushing.

And on both replays there's just me and my little car going around on our own :(

The replays seem to save VERY quickly though, so hopefully it's a case of the replay data being stored remotely and something going wrong which can be fixed with an update. I hope. :confused:


Turns out the data is stored on the ps4, but not as a video as such, more as a data file. I saw that in another thread somewhere. So maybe it's a case of once it's corrupt, it's kaput. :(