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28-05-2015, 19:05

this has probably been asked but i've searched and it may be just that im not searching correctly but....

I have saved a race replay and now i want to be able to show it to others that haven't saved it, is there a way to get the replays?


Max Kelly
29-05-2015, 09:44
you can share on xb1?

31-05-2015, 09:52
How, ive looked and i see nothing that gives me the option to share it, if i click on highlights it takes me to a you tube page which displays replays from 3 weeks ago and if thats the only place they go its terrible.

this game is good but it seems they didn't do enough work on the online side to make sure the community that supports it benefits, no need for a career mode in games these days as its all about online features.