View Full Version : clutch drop upon gaining control from AI, and AI and mandatory pits

28-05-2015, 19:08
can we please get the AI to stop dropping the clutch everytime it switches to manual control??

every rolling start or everytime you leave the pits when the user is given control the AI slow releases the clutch. on rolling starts this almost always leads to being passed by one or two of the AI and is also the cause of the dreaded spinning out as soon as you come out of the pits. since the car is already moving and gears are not being changed there is no reason for the AI to even be on the clutch, it is very very annoying can we please have this removed while the car is moving.

Also every race in the UK gt3 season so far one of the slower AI ( it's a different car each time ) doesn't make the mandatory pit in the second race and ends up winning by 15-20 seconds

28-05-2015, 20:54
On rolling starts it's a mess. I think I wasn't been able to defend a pole...