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28-05-2015, 19:12
Hi Guys,

Firstly bravo on a brilliant game! I'm lucky I'm on gardening leave from work to really enjoy it for the next two weeks without hassle from the missus!

After playing for about 16 hours since last Sunday I've decided (due to a lot of rooms not allowing them) to drop assists and disable them whilst also going to manual gears. After 16 hrs of both active I feel like I'm learning to walk again but better to do it now than after 50! I've finally nailed the pad configuration (thanks to a setup by someone called Punknl..I think? Thanks anyway dude!).

I love the BMW M3 (GT3 one) and mainly use that, it's my favourite real life car but I also get the feel it's a bit of an underdog which makes me want to use it more! Except for the fact without assists it feels like an animal!!

I can certainly see the benefits after an hour on manual gears so i'll stick with them and I'm slowly getting used to manual albeit after other cars are flying past.. But do you have any real beneficial tips for racing without the assists, that might be handy for me to know?

Not sure if this is the right place to post but any advice after deciding to undo my 16 hours knowledge of how to drive in this game would be appreciated!

I could manage 7 mins 10 secs ish on Nordschleife in M3 GT3 (custom set up) but that feels a lifetime away right now! (..and I realise that is probably awful compared to most of you guys haha!). Hopefully you can help me get better! ;)


28-05-2015, 19:34
We will all be improving hopefully. I couldn't get on with manual shift like other games, but I do have the clutch assigned for when the need arises. On the pad see with auto clutch. Its like a robotised gearbox. Theres loads of race groups to choose from.
Real assist can enable tcs, etc in some classes. Tyre temps may give problems if you're getting a partial lock up!
Hope this helps

28-05-2015, 20:24

I've changed gears to square and triangle, along with watching my 'right trigger finger', I've come on a bit more now and can stay on the track. Think I just need to get used to not being able to slide through corners now.

28-05-2015, 20:28
Same are real driving, slow in fast out is always best.
Do most of your braking before turning, make sure you don't change down too early or you'll lock the wheels. take the speed off first worry about the gears second.
Be smooth and progressive in steering , you don't throw the wheel to full lock in your real car. You'll probably find you need to learn to turn earlier than you think in order to really hit the apexes well.

Stick with one car and track and really get to grips with it. There is a hell of a lot to learn if you keep swapping tracks and cars.

Oh, and have fun! If it get frustrating go do something else for a while and come back later.

28-05-2015, 21:04
I've decided (due to a lot of rooms not allowing them) to drop assists and disable them whilst also going to manual gears.

Practice with assists ON while you get used to shifting manually - but disable stability control as it tends to mess things up...

I started on day one with no assists and manual gears. The learning curve was steeper than Bloodborne's :)

28-05-2015, 21:43
Recently did the same, i dropped assists and took me about 5-10 hours to retrain my fingers to handle the cars. Slow in fast out is the key :)

Well worth it my times are faster now after learning it

28-05-2015, 22:12
<-- "All assists off" master race. :)

Practice with assists on and do manual shift then start turning TCS off then eventually ABS later, keep feathering the throttle in low gears and steady the throttle through corners (don't decrease or accelerate).

28-05-2015, 23:19
Default setups are pants. Try and find new ones on here. Until a file market place or tune file share function is added. I have a few setups as screen shots of the tune summary on here. The controller speed sensitivity is important I worked out that 45 is ok too fast for some but needed to get the steering fast enough for chicanes n stuff. I then use the steering sensitivity for the turn in speed. Filtering can make the controls jerky if too high. No assist unless you really have to. Again a good setup will keep the car planted. I assigned my R2 for turning the tcs on and off. Early days yet. Get yourselves over to the ultimate suggestion thread and read the lot!!

29-05-2015, 16:31
Thanks for all the pointers.

I've nailed manual and assists off, whilst figuring the problem. I'll sound like a retard but it was my setup I was using (..off some youtuber). I was struggling to do any lap without coming off and once I reverted to default set up on the M3 GT3 it felt like I was driving with assists.. Managed a cool 1:27 on Laguna without really pushing it on a stock setup, Felt so much better after the last few days with some mad setup.

My lesson learned... Learn the basics of tuning from the sticky thread and then apply after hitting the track.

I feel like an idiot. Haha. Thanks again!


*edit* Just posted a time of 1:25:397 on Laguna. I know 1:24 seems the time to hit but on a stock M3 GT3 set up after the above problems, it's just made my day! :cool: