View Full Version : Free Practice Tuning Setup Applying Itself To Career Mode

Sharky Hughes
28-05-2015, 21:30
Just been through the known issues thread but didn't see this in there.

I set a Mclaren 12C GT3 up with 1L of fuel, minimum height as possible, all vents closed and tyre pressures altered to do some testing at BRNO in free practice mode.

Just turned the xbox on and jumped into career mode and ended up attempting to do the Pagani Monza Club Day. Whilst being constantly kicked to dashboard every time I attempt the race I noticed my fuel level at 1L. When I checked the tuning setup on the Pagani its set up as I had the Mclaren in free practice.

Im guessing this shouldnt happen ?

Also noticed the gearing in my previous race using the BMW 320 Turbo modified itself between races at Catalunya and Imola so 2nd 3rd and 4th gears were almost identical.