View Full Version : Driving non karts on kart tracks

28-05-2015, 21:50
So normally we shouldn't be able to drive normal cars on the kart tracks right?

Well ive found if you go onto an open practice with a kart at a kart track, then exit the practice, go into career mode, drive a CAR in your career mode and then go back to open practice you can drive that car around the Kart track you were using before!

Now you cant select any other kart track or car but pretty cool.

Anyway it can be changed so you can drive all cars around kart tracks? I saw no issues while driving my Caterham SP300r other than some of the tight hairpins, was really fun. Obviously you wouldn't want to run against AI around the track!

Umer Ahmad
28-05-2015, 21:52
No, it was an intentional limitation. I forget exactly the reason why however.

John Hargreaves
28-05-2015, 21:55
I think it was an AI thing, tracks were too narrow for races. The Caterham Classic was fantastic to chuck around the kart tracks though, so fingers crossed for a change of heart at least for single car on track.

28-05-2015, 22:04
And the pits were also an issue I think.

Used to have a blast on the kart tracks with the most unsuited cars :p