View Full Version : Regarding the Weather Slots

29-05-2015, 02:12
First off it's awesome that you can plan the weather throughout the course of an entire race. Really allows you to customize a race to your likings especially if you're into endurance racing.

A few problems I'm having initially with the weather slot system is that it chooses to sync to the practice and qualifying sessions before the race. Ex. (Slots) 1. Overcast 2. Light Rain 3. Rain 4. Storm. If you have simply the following sessions: practice, qualifying and race, the practice will start overcast, the qualifying will start with light rain and the race will start off with Rain.

It's quite annoying assuming you want to start the race off with dry conditions and instead it's a downpour a quarter into the race. This issue should be easily fixed, but I'm also hoping for more than four available weather slots. The longer endurance races such as Le mans or Nurburgring could use up to 7-8 weather slots in my opinion. The race customization is what really sets this game apart from others and it's been fantastic so far. :D

29-05-2015, 07:07
I quite like how the weather progression starts off with whatever you have planned first and then flows into the next stages of the event as well. It ties everything nicely together. Each weather slot takes an hour, with transitions varying in duration. So by playing around with the weather progression slider and by adjusting your practice and qualification durations you should be able to more or less start the race with the desired weather slot. More here. (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28003-Weather-and-time-progression)

29-05-2015, 07:21
Yep, weather is great.