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29-05-2015, 07:11
Hi guys and girls
New member here, pretty obvious I guess with my post count lol, any way loving the game bugs aside. I downloaded the patch yesterday and all is good, went and did some time trials and now my times are not being recorded!
I was on the nurb gp in formula b, posted a new best time "Great" but now it won't record any more lap times or sectors! Seems like the sector counter and best lap time indicator is now stuck on the last time I posted last night
Tried a hard reset loaded said track and car once more but when it all loads and I start the flying lap the sector and best lap time indicator is still showing my last recorded time and not reset for the new session.
Tried it once more this morning before work, but still the same! Any one else experiencing this? Seems to be something related to the new patch as was working ok before.
Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated and thanks in advance.

29-05-2015, 07:14
Can you make a screenshot of this? Maybe you switched to a different timing display (there are several)?

29-05-2015, 07:17
Sorry not sure how to take a screen shot and post here, don't think I've switched to a different timing display, didn't realise there was more than one, could you please let me know which buttons change timing displays so I can check later please?

29-05-2015, 07:39
You can assign a button for this, not sure if it is set on the default controls on XB1 - but my guess is it is somewhere on the D-Pad.

Can a XB1 player help out?

29-05-2015, 09:32
Sorted thanks elmo, must of nudged the d pad like a plank :)