View Full Version : Can some of you just get a grip? Please?

29-05-2015, 07:50
I never like starting a thread with a sigh, but there we are.

Battlefield 4. Skyrim. Fallout New Vegas, Drive Club. COD's netcode for the past X number of years.

These are games that had huge problems at launch or still have problems today. Battlefield was completely unplayable in multiplayer, and it took nearly a year to fix. Call of Duty has the shittest netcode that has ever been written in the history of online gaming and it doesn't seem either developer is in a hurry to fix it.

The bugs in Project Cars are not in the slightest, anything like the level of those above, Not even close. The bugs are minor and don't ruin the experience. Some of you need some perspective. Everything is getting blown out of proportion. The game is not "broken", not even close. What it is, is the best racing racing game on current gen systems and its still only three weeks old. There are always going to be teething problems that come out when you give the game to 2,000,000+ new people.

Many of you are comparing PCars (often talking about its potential) to the completely differnt drive club. Forgetting that its a game that forced Sony to offer DLC compensation and has recieved weekly updates for the past six months.

Get a grip.


29-05-2015, 07:58
Noted, closed to prevent another discussion ;)