View Full Version : False groups / vehicle

29-05-2015, 09:38
Why so a confused????
Sauber C9 in LMP1/2 ?????
DTM AMG C Coupe in Group 4-5 ?????
Renault Clio in Group A ????


Max Kelly
29-05-2015, 09:57
1) LMP
2) GT
3) Touring

still not perfect

29-05-2015, 09:59
I think the browsing of cars has been over complicated because of the low number of cars. (Not complaining) but show it for what it is don't make a complex browser to hide the small number.

Browsing cars should be simple

Option 1 - Browse by manufacturer

Option 2 - Browse by class

In the current browsing setup it's not sure what it wants to be I feel it needs improvements. If browsing by class which I should be able to first select GT, then select GT 1,2,3,4 etc, there is no need to group them other than to hide the fact there is only a short list of cars in each class.

I actually don;t car about the short number, i have only used about 6 of them so doesn't matter to me if there is 50 cars or 500 cars lol, browsing needs some tweaks when dev's get chance after fixing more important features :)