View Full Version : Zolder Formula C Wet Main race shenanigans

29-05-2015, 12:31
After the initial cluster ';.k at the start of the race where the AI hit each other off on turn one, then the surviving cars go off the track on turn 2/3 I had by lap 9, a 20 second lead,then rain started to come down. By lap 11 I had to pit as it was p155ing it down.

With my lead by the time I was almost ready to leave the pits I saw cars coming in too. I excited the pits I saw that I was now 4th. Lap after lap I was behind 3rd by 10 seconds and couldnt catch up. Now I recall seeing somewhere that AI arent affected by rain when on slicks (annoying) but myself and 5th all the way down to last went in for rain tyres except the cars that stayed out and took 1st- 3rd (they were at the end of the field initially). I eventually quit the race and spectated just to check, and the first three cars were on slicks the entire race (it stayed wet all the way to the end).

So what causes only some AI to change tyres and others not.
Career Pro (No assists)
AI 100 (Ace)
Session Length 100%

Also turn 2 always has cars going wide.I often see bits of debris or wheels from the AI going off. There are three scenarios I have noticed on that turn.

1. They go really wide on to the sand trap and slowly come back on
2 They go wide but line up with the kerb which causes them to hit an invisible wall and they stop dead and lose bodywork, or wheels.
3 They go wide but slow enough to get back on to the race line get back to race speed.


EDIT: Just re tried the race. Same chaos on the first few turns on lap 1, although not as bad as last time. Spent 10 laps 5 seconds ahead. Lap 10 did my switch to wets. All stayed out I came out 16th.Lap 11 all the the field up to 5th came in. Come lap 15 4th came in lap 18 2nd and 1st came in for tyres. Bizarre