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29-05-2015, 12:41
As I have been playing Project Cars things started to jump out at me that needed to be corrected, improved or just seemed to be missing. I think the game is excellent so the things that seemed wrong appeared to stand out even more. I feel I need to get them off my chest. Most are are fairly straightforward (some less so and a couple of harder ones). Some things I think are mentioned elsewhere so I have tried to leave these out, but I am sure I am not the first person to notice some of these. So here it goes -

For your information I have the PC version and use a T300 wheel.


Separate tyre audio volume slider (currently lumped in with the engine noise)

Access to settings in game - without having to go right out to the main menu

Save/load different wheel button configurations (for example you may want a different one for cars with kers, time trials, online etc. Sometimes you want different controls easy to hand in different situations.

Explanations of each option (it seems you left room for it but never finished it)

Time Trial

Clearer explanation of your result – Currently, for example, it says “Your position: 15”. Currently there is no way of telling how high you are on the list because it would take too long to scroll to the bottom. 15th Could be an amazing result or a terrible result. Depends how many entries. For exampe it should say “your position: 15 out of 8624 (top 1%)”

Percentile standing – as explained above.

Filter on leaderboards – E.g with/without abs, real assits, novice amateur pro, abs stability traction bracking steering, controller or wheel. Tuned, untuned. It appears this information may be corrupted though (I made a previous post about this http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?27376

Ability to see personal records grouped per car, per track.

Sort out the track cutting/track limits.

Multiplayer - Create Online Game

Save favourite session scenarios – if you join another lobby all your session information is set to that and you have to enter it all from scratch when creating your own lobby. Have the ability to save you favourite session scenarios (E.g. Maclaren at Monza, Pro, No assists, 10 laps, 10 min practice random weather etc.) Rather than having to re-enter this all again have the ability to save a number of your favourites scenarios in the create online game page so you can easily pick them. There is room on the bottom left of the page on the create online game page to implement this.

Implement the online reputation system – to prevent people who keep on abandoning races from joining your game. i.e. need races completed above 33% to join the server. No need to make it too high (accidents and issues happen), just implement something to give people some motivation not to abandon the race if they are not winning. If you want to be “all inclusive” the filtering out of people who don't finish will help. It will mean that people don't quit if they are not in the top few after one lap. It will mean slower people will have other people to race and make it more enjoyable for them. At the moment after one lap only the few drivers at the front are left because everybody not in the top 5 seems to quit. Encouraging people to finish will mean competition for the lower placings and better races. Not everyone has time to join a league, organise private lobbies and have their spare time revolve around the game. Sometimes you want to race online on the spur of the moment and don't want to be rammed.

Reputation system – Make it optional for races to effect your rating. Eg. Ranked or non-ranked races. That way everybody is happy. If ramming people is your thing you can just join an unranked lobby. Is this what the flags and penalties “on” button is meant to do?

Multiplayer - Lobby

The box with rotating information – please please get rid of this. Have to enter the lobby and wait 12 seconds for the number of laps to come up and then another for the length of practice. Rearrange the whole page to get this info straight on the page without the rotating info. If necessary the current box can be lengthened to the bottom of the page so it all fits or weather, car and track boxes made into one box. Don't make it rotate quicker or slower just get rid of the rotating completely.

“Join session in progress” in lobby – should say what that session is. i.e. Join practice session 3 minutes remaining.

In the box where it shows the car you have chosen for the race have it so it shows your lap record from the time trial (if you have one) in that car on that track. Would make things easier when choosing between cars and knowing what to aim for in qualifying.

Multiplayer - Online Server List Page

Add ping column to server list page.

Add more columns to server list - at the moment you have to go in and out of lobbies to find out the info you want. Should have whether it is in practice, qualifying (and length thereof), assists, same car, basically as much info as you can fit in.

Advanced button – If for some reason you want to keep the server list simple and clean (perhaps for people who find the text small or something) maybe have an advanced button for those who want more information showing.

More filtering – filter private lobbies out, by track, by car, by real length, with/without qualifying, practice. Basically add lots of filters, its pretty obvious. At the moment there are too few.

Ability to filter out private lobbies – put in twice because it seems you are trying to encourage more of these and half my list is private lobbies already and I have to wade through them to find a game.

Length of race “short” or “long” – pretty useless as it stands, a race should have length in miles/km. Cant be too hard. If 10 laps of Monza then it is just 10 times 5.79km. Also can be misleading since it might be described as short race but once you get in it has two 90 minute practice sessions and a qualifying session.

Sorting - Able to sort by all the columns by clicking at the top. e.g. by number in session, (and ping etc. when added)


Ability to watch different drivers and not just yourself

Turn on/off drivers names

Ability to show your current race position – final standing and live standing during the race

Add notes in the highlight page to each so you can tell what each replay you have saved is. Eg. You might describe it as “League Race 1 – crashed first corner, came second”.

Ability to download and watch laps from the time trial leaderboards as videos straight from the leaderboard or to downland to your highlights section and watch from there.


Add a “save as” button so can save multiple setups for the same car/track. For example you may want a different setup for long races, short races, time trials, online etc.

Free practice session should not count as a race entered on your affinity rating. It is not possible to win a practice session.

In Game

Tyre wear indication

Engine condition indication

Ian Bell
29-05-2015, 12:43
31 things you'd like to be improved/fixed.


29-05-2015, 12:55
Apologies. Not sure how to amend the thread title though.

29-05-2015, 12:55
nice list :)

Ian Bell
29-05-2015, 12:56
Apologies. Not sure how to amend the thread title though.

Nah, It's fine, it's all good information. Appreciate you listing it out.

29-05-2015, 12:58
Apologies. Not sure how to amend the thread title though.

Nah, It's fine, it's all good information. Appreciate you listing it out.

Sorry, updated title too quick.

Max Kelly
29-05-2015, 12:59
some of these things many of us would like to ;)

29-05-2015, 13:01
Sorry, updated title too quick.
Me too. What was the original title again? :)

29-05-2015, 13:11
1+ on the whole list.

Now that's useable feedback / suggestion.

Ian Bell
29-05-2015, 13:12
Me too. What was the original title again? :)

It had the 'NEED' word. That's almost as bad as SNOW around here :)

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Thanks people for reading

29-05-2015, 13:19
It had the 'NEED' word. That's almost as bad as SNOW around here :)

I thought the reaction was a bit frosty......


29-05-2015, 13:23
It had the 'NEED' word. That's almost as bad as SNOW around here :)
I didn't go as far as using all capitals, but I think the title now has a nice middle way although probably everyone is now going to be pissed at me for screwing it all up.


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I much prefered the version without need. I'm happy for you to change it back.

30-05-2015, 08:03
Cool list

Sorry :)

31-05-2015, 09:14
1. Create session name (as host) like "RUF only GT3 racing"
2. Add writting to Lobby. Like you could say great race guys. I always end up search for a person in PS message service to tell a guy "what a great last lap battle" for example. Could just write it in the lobby?