View Full Version : Career Mode - Duplicate Name Issue

29-05-2015, 13:13
Not a huge issue but for some reason the name is displaying incorrectly in career mode.

It's showing my first name twice instead of my first name and then last name i.e. David David.

Anyone else getting this?

29-05-2015, 13:14
Yeah same here. For a moment I tough it was my mistake, but wasn't too bothered about it.

29-05-2015, 13:22
Yeah, not overly fussed but it's looks daft! Glad it's not just me ;)

29-05-2015, 13:39
Same here! Thanks i'm not crazy!

Scooty Puff Jr.
29-05-2015, 14:37
Happened to me the first time I started, it was annoying but I deleted and restarted after my first race.