View Full Version : How does Real Weather work?

29-05-2015, 16:12
I am racing solo races of 1.5-2hrs long and usually select Real Weather in my Conditions setting. I checked digital manual but that didn't clarify this enough to me, so asking the community:

Does Real Weather change as single race progresses? Does game keep querying databases for what weather was some time after start time? I've never seen weather change during course of dozen of races. Of course, weather doesn't change quickly in real life either, so maybe it is bad (good?) luck :)

When I select start time in race, which time is used to query database for conditions? PC local, track local or current time? The reason I am asking is that I am in PST time zone, and while racing Spa at selected time 15:00. Weather looked very much like early morning one (foggy). At the time I was racing it was late night in PST and early morning in Europe, so I suspected game applies 15:00 daylight and current weather.

Thanks for responses.