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29-05-2015, 16:29
Hi Guys,

Since many of suffer from the huge range of setup possibilities I decided to put them into an Excel sheet. So basicly all possible settings related to game and used wheel setup are available (if I haven't missed any). This way it's easy to fill out the sheet and share your wheel setup and game configuration with others without having to write it down manually. All settings are registered in a input validation sheet and are accessible through pull down menu's within the selectable areas in the sheet. Since there are many hardware configurations options possible I narrowed it down to the hardware available and compatible with Project Cars and the PS4, the configuration I have at hand. Next to this you can choose from most available hardware compatible with the game. I'm sure there is a lot more and not all wheels will be in mij list, so, if I have missed some, please let me know.

The sheet available for download contains my own setup which I'm very happy with. Button layout and mapping is based on my Fanatec CSW set. I'm not familiar with Thrustmaster button and map settings, so please fill in my gaps and I will try to make the sheet as complete as possible, or you may change it yourself and add my missing links.

So, use this for your own convenience or to share your settings in an easy way with others of for bug reports.

Download from Google Drive here:



30-05-2015, 19:13
Nobody interested???

07-06-2015, 13:41
Would have been nice to have some feedback...

12-06-2015, 12:48
going to test it for sure, just used google and found your sheet, i think your effort to put this together is appreciated and really great! not many people appreciate things put together, well done. will need time to provide feedback, but will do for sure! thanks buds!

19-06-2015, 18:29
Thanks mate. Lookin forward to your feedback

19-06-2015, 19:57
Thanks alot. All necessary information at one glance. I will use it for sure when I will set-up more cars and for various purposes. For the moment I'm fiddling around more on the basics stuff :culpability:

20-06-2015, 23:23
Thanks mate. Lookin forward to your feedback
hi, i am hoping yo have my wheel soon, and test your setup sheet, i do think it very useful and nicely done! so hats off to you and don't let it it discourage you when nobody replies or gives you feedback, i have found out with a download counter somewhere else, that tons of people actually use it, but dont provide feedback or let u know...for whatever reason LOL, maybe they are embarrassed to say so??? no idea! but i am glad to work on this with u and test it out!