View Full Version : [SOLVED] help required... for avoidance of doubt

29-05-2015, 16:44
loving this game big time but i need your help please with the following

i have just received my 2nd limited edition copy from GAME after the code in the 1st copy for the limited edition cars said "this code has already been used". so before i try my new code my question is this.......... do i redeem the code on xbox store or on the dlc project cars website? i already have the modified pack that was redeemed on project cars site. this code i have is a 25 digit code whereas the modified car pack code was 12 digits. i am eager to get my hands on the c class dtm car so dont want to mess this up. all help greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


29-05-2015, 16:48
Xbox live codes are 25 digits. If you got kinect & that card has one of those square code things on it, you can say "Xbox use a code" & let kinect see that square thing.


Or enter code in the redeem code section on your Xbox One.

29-05-2015, 18:45
Thank you. Limited edition cars installed :D