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29-05-2015, 17:09
If possible, it would be great if SMS could add additional settings for controllers. I also have a wheel so can make direct comparisons when using a wheel compared to a game controller (I often switch back and forth for fun lol).

These settings would help fix the twitchyness when using a controller and quick left right stick movements;

* add mode 4 preset that reduces the steering graph/input sensitivity from center position even more than mode 3 (think of a gradual input curve that ramps up slowly and increases as you get closer to maximum lock).

* Return to center sensitivity (how quickly steering returns to center after letting go of the stick

* crossover sensitivity (controls how fast steering moves on quick opposite lock movements, currently it's really fast and can lead to 'talk slappers' where the wheels turn much faster than you want when trying to correct with opposite lock steering.

*speed sensitivity, current setting simply restricts maximum steering lock at speed when it should just just slow the time it takes to get to full lock instead

When using a wheel, all of the above movements are much more controlled and slower partly due to increased range of input on the wheel but ALSO because it takes more time for those inputs to happen since the wheel has to travel a longer distance. Reducing the sensitivity on these additional settings will improve steering control and reduce twitchyness when steering with the stick.

29-05-2015, 17:24
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