View Full Version : [WE'RE AWARE] Community Events = Corner cutting competition?

29-05-2015, 17:28
I was trying my best at ongoing event when I notice the huge gap between my fastest time and the top leaderboard. After loading the top player's ghost, to my surprise what I saw was a show of corner cutting and escape routing.

Is there any plans to invalidate these fraudulent times or the events will continue that way?

29-05-2015, 18:56
If you look at the hot lap and events sub forum, there is more detail and a large post about this. Think the developers are working on the track limits. Last I read any times with corner cutting will be invalidated from the points. Not sure if the boards will be wiped? I think they should considering how long the game has been out.
With invalid times its so hard to judge, on how good you are.
Tbh I though everyone must be doing career, or hot laps are not that popular in these parts, on one track I have been learning the game and also hot lapping there are 32 people?
When I was simcade and proud :) racing in forza 4 it was good to know that out of can't remember how many exactly but it was a lot I was always in the top 1%, sometimes in the top 100-150.
As Pcars physics are a lot better, and a lot closer to real life and I am now using a wheelI want to do even better. If not many people are hot lapping I can't gauge how good or bad I am.
But until the problems are fixed tbh I can see why people can't be bothered.

Umer Ahmad
29-05-2015, 19:00
They're aware