View Full Version : issue with trying to reassign buttons.

29-05-2015, 17:44
i am having trouble trying to reassign buttons just so i can use manual(with clutch or auto clutch) i assign x(for down gears) and b(for up gears),a(for clutch) and LB(for hand break),RB(for KERs) these are the only changes i make but the game doesnt allow it even though i use controller.is there a way so that i can make these changes without the game telling me i need to assign more buttons even though i use a controller.

29-05-2015, 17:57
Theres a few mandatory controls in the game that have to be assigned, even though you donr use them. Is there anything you left out, like look behind, or change views, one or both I think are mandatory (you can use L3 and R3 on the thumbsticks to assign more buttons to (L3 and R3 is when you click the thumbstick down).

29-05-2015, 18:14
Select the buttons like you want. Then hit your respective start button, select options & help. Then back out of screen it takes you to. Game saves your control mapping. This is the workaround. You don't have to have the mandatory buttons mapped.

29-05-2015, 21:07
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