View Full Version : Liveries are amazing.

29-05-2015, 21:30
I don't know who worked on that but he deserves kudos.
They are amazing, it's a pleasure to watch other cars during the race (specially GT).

29-05-2015, 21:31
They do look good

John Hargreaves
29-05-2015, 21:32
Vincent Dambreville is the main guy at SMS and he did loads of good ones, but a high percentage were done by the wmd community

29-05-2015, 21:33
It sounds french. :confused:

29-05-2015, 21:33
Yes I second this the art work is amazing

29-05-2015, 21:33
Its a mixture of Vincent Dambreville (SMS Car artist) and WMD community and kmax1 :D I did the RUF GT3 you see on the car selection screen, No. 26 if I remember right.

29-05-2015, 21:39
Most liveries were designed by talented people in the WMD community.

29-05-2015, 21:40
Most liveries were designed by talented people in the WMD community.

On PS4?

John Hargreaves
29-05-2015, 21:42
It sounds french. :confused:
I think he is. The SMS operation is truly global, it's an amazing project.

29-05-2015, 21:42
It sounds french. :confused:

He is.

On PS4?

Yes, on all platforms.

29-05-2015, 21:57
Each of the 40 Caper Stock Car liveries were made by a different person.

30-05-2015, 03:01
I'm still laughing over Mountain Stew sponsorship....:o

30-05-2015, 07:00
I did 3 of them. One of them is on the BMW 320i Group 5 selection picture.

The other 2 is a SLS GT3 and also an Aston Martin Rapide.

I hope you guys will like my liveries. :)

30-05-2015, 07:13
I don't have any direct contributions, but a couple of the skinning artists used some of the logotypes I designed on their liveries. Look for the following:
#12 Aotech (Aston-Martin Rapide, main sponsor)
#22 Curtis (Aston-Martin Rapide, IMPULSE secondary)
#48 Aotech (Ginetta G55 GT4, main sponsor)
#83 Yuri Love (Ginetta G55 GT4, main sponsor)

As you can tell, I am a filthy weeaboo ;)

30-05-2015, 08:40
They are top.
I've seen a pack for pc users and found them not as nice as the ones delivered with the game.