View Full Version : Thanks for a great Game Ian and Team.

29-05-2015, 21:50
First sorry for the simple english from a german Malthead. ;-)

I would like to thank all employees of SMS , which continue to work hard on Project Cars .
The game is for me currently an beta , but I have most hope that it is perfectly soon.
Also big thanks to Ian Bell and all other employees who are in the community and answer questions, pick up the reportet bugs, and remain , although they constantly get a blow in the face from the community.
And to all the haters , if you have nothing constructive to say , just be quiet and let SMS do their job . If you start reporting bugs and stop hating, the Game will be perfect earlier.

I look forward to many years with Project Cars . For me, the best racing game of all time on the console .

But Ian, one thing. See your profile picture. You need a shaver! ;-)

30-05-2015, 00:17
Mach dir um dein English Keine sorgen, schau meine posts, ziemliches kauderwelsch aver alle verstehen es und alle sind korrekt hier. Just said that his grammar is much better than mine��

30-05-2015, 09:31
I would like to say hank you aswell, I have about 45 hours played now and the more I play this game there more I fall in love. Yes I did go out and buy a wheel and as I palsy more the better I get and the more fun it's become, the game takes practice and some people don't want to put the time in and choose to complain instead but I honestly feel bad for them because they are missing out. The huge variety of tracks keep things interested, and the cars drive so well not to mention each and everyone is so different switching from GT to formula to a stock car keeps it incrediable fun and fresh. I don't have any issues with the game and I feel the people that do complain frankly aren't good at it and don't want to put the time in and that's sad. I've waited a long time for a sim racing game like this for consoles, and I can't believe how much i truly enjoy the game. So again IAN BELL and team thank you very very much you've done an incrediable job and I hope to see more continually put into the game and I have no doubt you guys will continue to do this fantastic job you've already done from here on out. And please don't listen to these whiners if they put some time into the game they would get so much out but people these days have no patience and that's too bad. I've just wanted to express my gratitude for a while as I do enjoy this game that much and play with a network of guys that feel the same.

Sincerely, Saul