View Full Version : Guerilla Advertising

Jesse Fahrenkrog
29-05-2015, 23:38
So I had to go exchange a phone case yesterday at Nebraska Furniture Mart which is the 4th largest furniture retailer in the US (with only three stores mind you) and I had to check to see if pCars was on the shelf. It was of course but I own the PC version and no consoles yet that will run it. Anyway, I wandered over to the computer department as I tend to do and was checking out a nice system they had right in the middle of everything, at the en of a main aisle....and I couldn't resist...lol. Don't know how long it was up, but I left it that way!


Roger Prynne
30-05-2015, 00:00
What the hell is that system?

30-05-2015, 00:17
Looks like a Dellienware. Cruddy dell internals, with a flashy looking case with LED's so adds about 500 to the price.

Jesse Fahrenkrog
30-05-2015, 01:22

I just matched the model number. Looks like Dell got in bed with Alienware It's better than what I've got, though mine is capable.