View Full Version : time gaps/ deltas calculation does not add up

29-05-2015, 23:54
hi all, summary: 18 lap race on Monza GP GT3 class vehicles, after 9 laps had/ have 11seconds lead (approx) then (family kids and bla) turned over to AI, and noticed within the same lap and until later in race, spectating the GAP calculation between my car and 2nd place completely wrong...???


and while race started there was a pile up in first corner, so first (me) and second place (AI audi) were racing off, and surely he had at least 8seconds lead too, since in first lap only him and me in map on straight (end / start finish) and noone else to be seen...) so after lap 12 i watched the complete race and there is a mistake or error in calculation, because my car was for sure 8-10seconds ahead by lap calculation and 2nd to 3rd place also another 6-8 seconds. (this is the 3rd or 4th time i have noticed it but never thought of a problem until reproduced on Monza and Spa)

30-05-2015, 07:43
The delta is picking up the best lap time as if it was a qualifying / practice session. I noticed this last night too.

02-06-2015, 06:49
I'm pretty sure this is not how it is intended to work. Added it to the list.