View Full Version : Game pad controller, am I the only one?

30-05-2015, 02:19
Long story short, I use the d-pad to steer, X to accelerate, and A to brake. I'm old school! Does anyone out there have a guide or link to the descriptions of the control settings in game? There are a few that I don't understand. I played GTR2 many years ago and was able to get the accelerator and the brake dialed in so that when I pressed the buttons it had a gradual increase in throttle vs 100% full throttle instantly.

For whatever reason, I just can't get used to using the triggers on the Xbox controller for gas and brake! I use them for scrolling the hud and steering wheel display. And the analog sticks for steering? No way, feel super awkward.

Does anyone else out there use their controller like me?

30-05-2015, 02:44
No. Sounds only a step removed from racing with arrow keys and the space bar on a keyboard, but to each their own.

30-05-2015, 06:22
That sounds like a very awkward way of driving to me ( just my opinion of course ) I use analog stick for steering, left and right trigger for brake and gas and a and x for shifting up and down, been doing it that way since project Gotham second nature now don't even think about it, but like the above poster wrote " to each his own"

30-05-2015, 06:28
I did this back on the PS1 only because either the controller lacked thumbsticks (non dualshock) or the game didn't support dualshock. But omce that thumbsticks on a controller was the norm thats all I used for steering, or I used a wheel. Gone was the days I used a on off button for steering.

Short answer, nope I dont. And you're one of the few that play like this

30-05-2015, 06:35
Definitely not, try controlling the Lotus 98T with just buttons, you have absolutely no way of planting the power in my eyes, also you can't do a dab of the brakes or gentle throttle application. Analog sticks give much great angle of motion, so easier to hold a line through fast bends without applying full lock