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30-05-2015, 04:54
Hey all. I cant get telemetry to come up on my xbox 360 controller on PC. Yes the button works (D -Pad down) in pCARs menu and other games. When i press it on track nothing happens

I am asking for the keyboard hotkey for the telemetry button. I can not find anywhere where it says the hotkey for the in game telemetry overlay.

I love the game and not really upset my telemetry wont come up with the controller, but i really want to find a way to bring it up so i can tune properly. I need to see tire temps for inside shoulder, center, and outside shoulder to properly tune my car.

I downloaded pCars Profiler but the tire temp graph only shows one temp per tire (average across tire i assume). Maybe I am missing a setting in the profiler?

Please help. I would like to go deeper into this game by tuning and getting the most out of my car.

thanks in advance

30-05-2015, 04:55
Have you tried cycling through the HUD display modes?

30-05-2015, 22:49
Yea i found it last night. It is in the hud cycle. I liked the hud so i never messed with it and the controls screen says it is D-pad down. Sorry. I feel like an idiot. thanks

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