View Full Version : Headsets: Dolby vs Linear PCM in Project Cars?

30-05-2015, 05:13
Until now I have been using my Tritton Warheads (Dolby) with the game and they sound amazing. The chat function is limited to the X360 though, so tonight I picked up a pair of TB Stealth 400's, which use linear PCM...and they sound like garbage in-game. Playing music or watching a movie they sound great, not as surround-ish as the Warheads but good enough for my ears. In-game engine notes are gravelly and digital sounding, and there are strange random bass booms that seem to originate outside the car. The Z4, a total eargasm on the Warheads, is almost painful to drive at high RPM on the TB's because of the scratchy digitized sound. If this can be attributed to the format used on the TB's, they are going back tomorrow and I'm headset shopping again. Can anyone shed some light on this?