View Full Version : Hats off to the Project Cars team !!!

Andy Apex
30-05-2015, 10:46
Hats off to the entire Project Cars team. Sure it has it's issues. Everything in life has issues.
Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this in my hands. Man the immersion of this sim is just an absolute blast.
I've had more fun playing with myself than I've had in years. LOL

If you see me on the track and I pass you by. Or I finish in front of you. You just got passed by a 63 year old man.
I've raced sims since NASCAR 1 in 1994. I just enjoy good clean racing. I don't care if I finish first or last, as long
as it's fun getting there. That's what it's all about, fun should be and is the name of the game.

Hold your line and have some fun. Easy in, hard off !!! Apex's all the way.

Hurry up, let's race, I haven't got much time to waste !

Thanks again Team Project Cars for your hard work and dedication in creating this amazing driving simulation.

30-05-2015, 11:06
I've had more fun playing with myself than I've had in years. LOL

Lol might want to rephrase that!!!!

Andy Apex
30-05-2015, 11:21
I said it that way with comedy in mind. LOL

30-05-2015, 12:25
I agree with Andy, PCARS has really hit the mark between hardcore sims, and sim light racers, for me. There is a balance that must be struck and it's not as simple as just plugging in the raw numbers to create a strict simulation. No, the numbers alone won't do it, you need something more than the naked numbers can deliver, you need feel and sensation too. But to add the intangibles, a compromise must take place. And the reason is, the real numbers though accurate don't translate very well to the simulated experience of driving. You end up with a punishingly accurate simulation that you have to learn to adapt to. Huh? Why would that be? Because the true tale of the tape is how alike a simulation is to the real life experience. Which means that you should be able to jump right in and feel totally familiar with driving the simulation with no need to adapt to the physics if it has been done correctly.

For example, iRacing is devoted to realistic physics, and yet, you will not be able to easily drive any of the cars as soon as you get into them. You will have to essentially re-learn how to drive before you can go fast. The problem isn't so much with the physics model as it is with the limited interface. Without the sensation of motion or G-force you can't easily relate to the spot on physics. And this is where some clever tweaking has to take place to compensate for this lack of sensation. And it appears to me PCARS has figured out this riddle better than anyone to date. The cars feel at once predictably familiar, and behave just as I would expect via my own real life driving experience. And this is a real first in the industry.

30-05-2015, 12:59
agree its pretty damn good, i just had my first online session, and whilst i see a lot of complaints here about lobbies etc, i didnt have any problems, and the racing was really smooth. had some awesome races with formula c at bathurst, some really close racing.


30-05-2015, 13:16
100 % agreed whit You man! This is so great game, just wow. Helmetcam makes IT so cool the drive. Thanks to all pcars team !

30-05-2015, 13:19
It's the sim racer PC needed for a long time. The last good ones were GTR2 and rFactor. GTR Evo and RRR didn't really cut it.

Plus the physics feel good in Pcars, much closer to what cars are like IRL. Unlike NFS Shift and their Hotwheels on plastic roads physics.

30-05-2015, 13:20
The guys have done a great job

30-05-2015, 13:25
The guys have done a great job

In terms of console platforms, this is the serious competition thats been desperatly needed for a long time :D