View Full Version : Online lobbies so we can create race groups

30-05-2015, 14:58
I know Namco Bandai say they are not allowed a lobby but a genuine reason would be nice? As race fans we want to organise race weekends and tournament's etc,, plus it would stop all this nonsense of joining a group with 2 cars in it, matchmaking at least needs sorting out if we cant get lobbies

30-05-2015, 15:51
We create private races to manage our race weekends/tournaments etc.

SMS told us "1st party reasons" meant we couldn't have lobbies on Xbox One, perhaps Microsoft need to be asked why rather than SMS?
I hear, albeit rumour, that the next patch may include matchmaking improvements. It won't be lobbies on XBO but it may help you.

A clear and true reason would be nice but when have the public been given such info about anything even potentially political?

31-05-2015, 20:00
Yea valid point, lobbies filled with some players would be a great start, I'm sure there's plenty of people playing it but everyone's spread out over too many lobbies, ideally I wanna hit quick race and joint a group of people about to 'race' no customisation other then the cars, 60 second timer once race finishes and another track, abit call of duty style for matchmaking