View Full Version : Community events ghost cars.

30-05-2015, 17:26
How do you view the ghost of times set in the community event on PS4. As I wod like to know where I'm loosing 6-7 seconds a lap. Although I believe the quickest time to be wrong 1.28.xx as I've driven this version of hockenheim is various games and have only ever beaten this time in a 911GT3, Maserati MC12 and an Aston DB9GTR.

A 30 year old car should not be able to lap this quick. I've owned the road version and driven an old DTM version around Brands. It is s terrible car in real life, the M3 was quicker and better handling.

Either there is a bug recording lap times or I hate to say it they are cutting corners or cheating. I accept that people are quicker but the time difference is a bit much.

30-05-2015, 17:51
Yeah, the time recorded there is a bug. See this thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28752-Something-is-seriously-wrong-with-time-keeping-(-Video))

30-05-2015, 18:05
Thanks mate. I knew I wasn't that slow.