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30-05-2015, 19:32
Ok so i create my own GT3 lobbies and most of the time will eventually get 4 to 5 sometimes a couple more people who join.

Now the problem occurs that if i am in practice or qualifying which i set for 10 minutes is that if people join while i am on track you get massive lag or framerate drops and then the xbox just dashboards.

In a race earlier on Nurburg GP and got 14 people total in the room. Managed a hotlap but sat in the garage for most of the time and yay it went into my 6 lap race with 14 people.
I managed to finish the race and came in second which was great.

Decided i would save the race because i wanted to check the replay. So done this timer is still counting down and then boom back to the dashboard!

As I've just had a pretty decent race you can imagine I'm a little annoyed cos i want another. This is not the first time either so its pretty frustrating.

Decided i would go check out my replay and guess what same point of the replay i get kicked to dashboard every single time.

So for me this game is project dashboard.

I have had immense pleasure and immense frustration since owning this game which i pre-ordered and could not get soon enough. And that i guess is my story for now.

30-05-2015, 22:15
Join the club m8, Im in the same boat.

The last racing game I played was Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 !!!!!! can you imagine how amped I was to get this going ?

First it was controller issues, now fixed, which turned into dashboarding, which will probably take another month to get sorted, if its not working by patch 1.4 im outta here.... and by working and not broken I mean, I get enjoyment from playing it and have to use every ounce of my moral fibre to tear myself away from it, as of now Im not going to even bother with it, it leaves me frustrated, perplexed and bemused, NOT something I want after a 10 hour shift.

But yea, youre not alone buddy

o Mike V o
30-05-2015, 22:27
This happens to me too, its very frustrating when the same person is constantly lagging the game by joining and leaving repeatedly, matchmaking at its finest. I seem to crash to dashboard at least once a day as well, it just happened in a online qualifying session a few mins ago.

30-05-2015, 22:52
The problem with this is that for me at least it is game breaking. And i know what you mean by the 10 hour shift thing. Sometimes after I've done 12 hours i like to unwind with my favourite videogame. Unfortunately this is not it but it could be.

For now im putting it on hold to avoid further dissapointment. Which is a shame because i cannot remember the last time i was this excited about a video game and im 37 years old.

Please fix this SMS so it can be my favourite game.

31-05-2015, 20:17
I have had the same issue with replays crashing before and after the update about 80 percent of my replays crash at some point and I've tried redoing them and they always crash at a certain point it is very frustrating whenever you have a good race and you want to watch it but can't. Also I do YouTube stuff and I like to have the replays along with the live tapings to put youtube videos up but obviously I can't do that if they don't work properly. Last night I had a very disappointing one because I had a very incredible race online and I was going to put it on YouTube and I went to do the replay and strangely the guy I was racing with was mysteriously not even in the replay it was very weird at first because I'm thinking is this the right replay? and then after examining it and actually played all the way through but it was like him and another guy weren't even in the race there is only one part where you can see it or he hit me a little bit and you can see my car move but they weren't even there. So the nice 3 Way battle I wanted to have a replay of is non-existent I have never seen that one before. Please slightly mad get this stuff taken care of because I've been one of the most positive people in regards to all of the issues that we are seeing but even I am starting to get very disappointed to the point where I don't even want to play as much as I should. I have been kicked out of live races many times back to the home screen after doing an hour of qualifying and testing and then start the race and get booted back to the home screen. That is one of the most frustrating things and even though I get great enjoyment with the game itself and the awesome physics and racing it just is like throwing a cold bucket of water over you in a hot shower a real bummer. I'm still positive however I know that you're working on it so please at least get rid of these dashboard things because many people won't put up with that for very long. Thank you

31-05-2015, 22:01
This is what's frustrating me more than anything, i can handle little bugs but booting me back to the home screen is not fun at all.

I can watch a full replay at the end of a com race and it will go through the whole replay, but if it's a saved replay that will send me to the dashboard at exaxctly the same point every time.

Also if someone quit during an online race it will not show them in the replay at all or so i have read on here.