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30-05-2015, 20:39

Im on Xbox one with the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 wheel (non feedback). It worked brilliantly before the patch, responsive and direct. now after the patch is awful. I have to have the ratio on every car set to the fastest, and have re-calibrated but it just doesn;t seem to turn fully. Using the same cars on the same tracks as before it wont turn fully around corners, it's like it only reaches half lock. I have to cralw around corners and still end up wide and slow.

anyone else had this problem or know of a solution? I'm finding it unplayable which is really dissapointing. before the patsh it was perfect.


30-05-2015, 20:46
Did you try the "Reset" option and reassign everything from scratch? This seems to help a lot of other members.

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31-05-2015, 00:14
Make sure your steering dead zone is set to 0 and recalibrate your wheel in game and all should be sweet

31-05-2015, 00:36
The patch reset your deadzones. Go back & put them where you had them. Reset wheel in game, fix deadzones & then recalibrate in game.

31-05-2015, 10:01
i have the same wheel and had the same problems, i recalibrate everything and it still felt a little dull i pushed up steering rack and then it felt better but to really fix it i had to set steering sens to 65, a little twitchy in some cars but at least it feels like i can take corners at speed, just don't use the RUF,lol

02-06-2015, 07:10
Thanks for all the help.

To fix the issue, in PCars go to the wheel calibration screen. Do a 'reset', and then manually re-calibrate and map all of your buttons. (For some reason, re-calibrating without the reset first does not solve it). Then adjust your steering deadzone to zero and the sensitivity to between 60 and 80 depending on your driving style.

The only other adjustment needed depends on the car you are driving. If it has a huge turning circle (like the classic Merc touring car) then go to the car tuning and set the steering to it's most sensitive. That way you are not having to use full lock to get around every little kink in the circuit!

02-06-2015, 16:09
So interesting. I leave my steering sensitivity at 0, feels fine to me. Perhaps it's because I'm using F1 rim & it's not round, lol.