View Full Version : Choosing a career path.

30-05-2015, 22:53
So I'm at the point in the career where i can choose to stick with Open wheel racing and drive the formula A or change to prototypes and drive the Oreca Nissan.

And I don't know what to go for.

I decided original to go for open wheel as i enjoyed formula rookie so much because of the close racing, But after getting into Formula B, I am now unsure. The AI in Formula B has been so bad, that I'm wondering if its just going to get worse in Formula A.

Has anybody started or in fact finished a formula A career and if so, what is the AI like. do they acknowledge you. Or do they just take the racing line if your their or not, causing you to crash out etc.

30-05-2015, 23:11
Well you can always try a Free Race and see how it is. But in my experiences the AI in open wheelers in general play way too rough. Especially the faster ones like the Lotus 98T.

I can't comment much on FA's, but prototype's are awesome! And there's a nice field of cars too.