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30-05-2015, 23:45
Being slightly computer literate I decided to help my boyfriend with his newly purchased Thrustmaster wheel, pedals and shifter. However, the Thrustmaster website, along with my new switch from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1 has me completely baffled. Boyfriend is trying to play Project Cars on XBox One. The shifter does not work at all. The wheel and pedals work fine.

I keep reading to update the driver or something like that which I think I have done, but when I go on my computer to the TH8a control panel to configure, there is no controller present.

Basically, we don't have a clue what we are doing.

Anyone willing to dumb it way down for us?


31-05-2015, 00:45
Make sure you update the firmware on the wheel to version 38 48.

There are explicit instructions on doing this on thrustmasters website

31-05-2015, 01:22
Care to link? We are pretty clueless and trying our best to figure this out. It seems all the instructions on Thrustmasters website indicate going to the Start button on your computer, and then to the program files, and then to the control panel under whatever thing you're updating...but Windows 8.1 doesn't have a Start button and that's where I get lost on trying to follow the directions.

31-05-2015, 01:47
OK, we figured out how to update the wheel. Still waiting to see if that fixes the shifter issue.

31-05-2015, 01:59
Glad you got it sorted

Shifter support in this game seems to be a bit half baked. I only got my shifter last night and am not impressed :(

31-05-2015, 02:00
All works now - thanks.

31-05-2015, 02:00
Yes, make sure his Thrustmaster TX has the latest firmware v48. The latest firmware enables the TH8A shifter to work on the TX. If you're having problems setting up his Thrustmaster TX, go here