View Full Version : Career mode for older cars

31-05-2015, 00:41
Great work to the Project Cars Team! One thing I really hope you add is allowing players to enter a career mode exclusively for older cars like the Merc 190E and BMW Turbo. I'm sure there are a few players who are not interested in having to drive other career options with newer cars.

31-05-2015, 01:29
and maybe some 2002s in the future?

31-05-2015, 07:45
And of course the Lotus 78 too!

31-05-2015, 17:31
Man I keep seeing so many requests for different types of career tier championships. Everybody wants something different. There is an answer: customizable careers! Let everyone have the CAREER they want. Please support the idea that will solve everyone's career desires all at once:
Custom Career Mode (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?26775-Custom-Career-Mode)

John Hargreaves
31-05-2015, 17:40
Custom season sounds cool, take one car and really get to know it in detail, take it all over Europe or N. America, nice