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31-05-2015, 01:11
I'm probably not up to date on how keeping track of racing cars position in the field of cars works. If anyone can explain. I just raced a "Quick Race" against 41 AI at Le Mans. All went purrrfect, accept my understanding of where I finished the race. I started 5, after qualifying, against a mixed field. Driving a GT3. By the time of the first pit stop, at lap 7. I was in 8th when I pulled out. One car eventually passed me, and I dropped to 9. But it was back and forth with that GT3 for most of the rest of the race. With only the higher class cars passing us as they lapped us with blue flag. All of a sudden on lap 11 the stats showed I was in 15th? When I started lap 12, the race ended? After watching the statistic menu, I noticed other cars were still on the track? So was my car? I ended up in 14. Did the AI finish my last lap? Would be nice to know what exactly is going on with calculating our finishing position? Or what is the rules of racing in pCars? :confused:

Alan Dallas
31-05-2015, 03:44
There's currently a known scoring error on Le Mans. If there are back markers between you and the leaders when they cross the S/F line they are counted as having finished the race even though they are laps down. With enough of them between you and the leaders you can actually watch your position fall as they cross the line as you finish your last lap. In other words the scoring system isn't sorting by laps completed and time behind leader as it should be. I reported this bug just before we launched pCARS.

31-05-2015, 14:07
Thanks. So this isn't happening at other tracks? I'll try and test today. Thought it was the same.

Alan Dallas
04-06-2015, 05:58
I haven't ran any long enough sessions on other tracks that place back markers between me and the race leaders. Something I still need to attempt to replicate. Well, I have replicated it on Le Mans, just not other tracks yet.