View Full Version : Achievement - Lap Time Wizard (50 Tracks?)

31-05-2015, 08:13

Morning everyone!

Just looking through the achievements in steam for the game and i see this lap time wizard says the following:

Lap Time Wizard
Set a time at 50 locations (variations and reverse layouts not necessary)

Without variations or reverse layouts there are only 35 tracks when you take away the variations of the circuits, does that mean the game has another planned 15 tracks to be added :confused:

Also i guess this does still unlock if you do complete the listed as 'not necessary' variations?

31-05-2015, 08:20
"Set a time at 50 locations (variations and reverse layouts not necessary)"

That's a strange way to word it. I wouldn't be surprised if they add 15 tracks. This game is supposed to have a 2 year support cycle, so I would guess lots of dlc could come in that time.

PJ Dunham
01-06-2015, 06:05
Relax this Achievement poped up for me at the end of season 2 SuperKarts with all the invitation series a few online races and couple of Time Trials in the 98T didn't really try for it, so just race it will show up as it seems to count TT Free Run, Career, Online everything.

01-06-2015, 06:11
i haven't done it yet but i assumed (so i could be wrong) that it meant 50 times on the leaderboard (meaning each track can have up to 6 of our times, and 6 x the number of tracks that support cars is way more than 50)

01-06-2015, 06:50
Career wouldn't let me out of rookie! Kept repeating group 5 invitational! But I got the 'smell something burning' trophy yesterday! Didn't say what was on fire! Lol