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Chris Wollaston-Savage
31-05-2015, 08:23
Are you tired of being punted off track in public lobbies? Or maybe you have never thought of signing up to an "Organized League"? Perhaps it sounds intimidating, or maybe you think you aren't good enough... Nonsense! And don't worry! We've got you covered! Come check out the online racing at etcc.ridedomain.com (http://etcc.ridedomain.com) where our attitude is cosy racing for all. We've been running for many years and have a rich history.

The ETCC are running the concluding race to our Cosy Le Mans Series on Forza Motorsport 5, which means we are now moving over to Project CARS to run our first series with this new title. We are going to run a single make series in the Ginetta G55 GT4s. The rules and calendar are soon to be revealed on our website.

We pride ourselves on our friendly forum atmosphere, and promote respectful, clean racing. We have some of the fastest Forza guys, to some of the, well, not so fast guys, racing and working together. They'll always be someone for you to battle. We don't force unnecessary rules onto our racers; no fixed viewpoints, no banning of racing lines, no fixed tunes.

We also like our members to not take it too seriously, it should be fun, so don't be scared if you've never raced in an organized race league before. You'll love the structure, purpose and clean racing, also, racing with others your lap times will plummet! And promoting fun doesn't mean we're not super organized. German engineering went into the building of the ETCC after all...

So if you want some brilliant racing, the chance to meet like-minded clean racers, come and look at our website etcc.ridedomain.com (http://etcc.ridedomain.com), you'll love what you see! Then follow the instructions to sign up! Don't delay and don't be shy!

As a quick introduction, here is some of the action from a recent touring car championship we ran!