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31-05-2015, 11:08
This really is a great game, sure its had its issues it still has some, but I am very sure that the SMS team will iron those out and the game will get better and better.

Please use this thread for things you would like to see added to improve the experience and game play, but please don't use this for bugs or performance related requests, or will certain cars be added !

I am loving the game so much, but personally I would like to see the following added to help make the game the best racing sim ever...

I want to see a custom championship feature added, I want to be able to set up my own long season using all the options available in race weekend. For example I want to race a twenty round championship using the GT3 cars on a track list that I decide using (or not) the completely random weather feature.

I would also like to see the engine temp on the instrument panel in some of the other views, I use the bonnet cam ( i just cant get on with inside the car for some reason). you can clearly save you engine from blowing by adjusting your driving style if there is damage or you have set the car up incorrectly, but at this stage you can only monitor this by changing camera.

And finally I would like to see a clearer indication of what tyres I am running on, as well as the AI cars, It feels like the AI are sometimes catching up in races because maybe I have cooked the tyres, If i had a clearer indication of what the AI was running on I could make better decisions in practice sessions based on times and the amount of laps I get on each compound before I start to notice the wear.

Would be great if Ian could reply to some of these wish list items (if they dont include secrets lol)

31-05-2015, 12:33
Please post in the "feature suggestions" section.


31-05-2015, 12:39
Moved to Feature Suggestions

25-09-2015, 18:43
I would love to see you guy's get the rights of the LMP1/LMP2 Manufacturers instead of individual teams or racing series for example there's a company Like Adess or Orca, Dome . Now I on the GT side here's my wish list 1. Lamborghini Hurricane GT3. 2. SGC 300 . 3. Farrier 458 GTE PRO/AM. 3. Corvette C7R GTE PRO/AM aka Larbre C7. 4. Nissan GTR GT3. 5. 2016 Ford GTE/AM